Jibondhara Solutions Ltd is an Interconnection Exchange to provide national and international traffic termination from and to Bangladesh with NGN (Next Generation Network) based platform. We provide high quality of voice service backed by professionally skilled and experienced team.

Interconnection Exchange (ICX):

We provide 24X7 Network Operation Center (NOC) service, 99.99% uptime with high availability and redundancy. We use SS7 signaling for interconnection with ANS, IPTSP and IGW operators.

Local Toll Free Service (LTFS):

Local Toll Free service has evolved as an essential service in modern telecommunication around the world. This is a service where calls are originated from and terminated within a country where the LTFS number is accessible from all operators in the country.

Customers of LTFS include, but not limited to, inbound and outbound call centers, multinational companies for their brands, calling card companies, international original equipment manufacturers, financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, money exchanges and global supply chain companies, telecom companies etc. With increasing customer demand in the market we are contented to introduce LTFS in Bangladesh.